A woman with addiction problems finds comfort in writing things down. She shares her best days and her worst days and in the midst of living her day-to-day she finds herself revealing her life through these words. Her journal becomes a continuous part of her ability to honestly tell her story. It becomes more than a listening ear because she doesn’t have to worry about the words on the page judging her, hating her, or telling her all of her flaws. Her journal becomes more than just an outlet for her feelings, it becomes her best friend.

True Beauty

  • My name is Kelly and I’m an alcoholic.  My name is Kelly and I’m a drug addict.  My

    name is Kelly and I am a teen mother.  I’m sick. That’s what people say. I’m not an addict or a mother and I’ve never taken a drink…I’m too young for all that.  But

    sometimes I wish these things were true.  Sometimes things that aren’t real make the

    reality that you’re living in a little bit better.  That was wise wasn’t it?  I’m gonna write

    that in my diary not diary, I’m too old for a diary, I have a journal. I should have

    stopped writing down all of my thoughts a long time ago.  Maybe no one would have

    found out my deep dark secret. We all have them. The things that we want to keep a secret.  So here is my secret and here is my story. It’s here in these pages, so let’s

    get started…from the beginning of it all.