Some would say that the most difficult relationship is that between a mother and her daughter. In this collection we explore a damaged relationship between mother and daughter. In Sometimes the daughter expresses how more times than not she hates her mother. Within the poem she shares the nights of being homeless and not being able to feel like she had a home but it through the eyes of a child we are drawn to agree with her. In Adulting Sucks the young girl has grown up. She is now a mother and living on her own. In her reflection she realizes all of the things that she now doesn’t know because when her mother spoke, she turned her off and didn’t listen. How much easier would her life be right now if she has listened to her mother when she was a teenager? What did she miss? And finally, in Apology Poem we see the next stage of this woman’s life as she sits next to her dying mother and apologies for all of the things that she did and didn’t do throughout her life. A coming-of-age story that reminds us to appreciate our parents and all of the advice they have to give because at some point in life, those wise words will drift away with the people that we called mom and dad.

Understanding and Appreciating Your Mother: Sometimes, Adulting

  • Sometimes I hate you

    Sometimes I hate just the sound of your voice

    Sometimes I hate coming into a room that you’re in

    Sometimes I wish…

    You weren’t my mom.


    I’m just a stupid teenager


    I don’t know anything about life


    You know everything about everything



    Sometimes I wonder

    Is it possible that I could know a little about somethings?

    I think I have a clear head with a reasonable outlook

    But you always remind me, “You’re too young. You don’t know what you don’t know.”

    But maybe you don’t know what I do know.


    Sometimes I have memories

    I am your daughter

    If you raised me right I should be just like you

    Making all the right decisions

    Being the perfect mom

    Never letting anyone down

    Divorcing dad

    Moving out

    Making us struggle

    I remember all of that mom

    Nights driving around the city looking for,

    What did you tell me, “The best fairytale to sleep in.”

    You lied, driving around with no where to go

    Waiting for me to fall asleep

    Parking in a well lit lot

    Grocery store are the best.

    Don’t hide your face from me know.

    Don’t turn away.