Rachel is a wonderful spirit who finally feels like she has it all and everything is perfect. She is living her dream of being a nurse, married to the love of her life, and expecting their first child. It is often in times of life being perfect that the dominoes begin to unexpectedly fall. Much like everyone experiencing 2020, the beginning of the pandemic turned Rachel’s world upside down. It created a strain on the relationship with her husband who was constantly worried about her safety. He had his own challenges balancing working from home as an elementary teacher and a heart condition that makes him high risk for the virus. All of these elements have also made Rachel look at life in a different way- where fear could overtake her but she tries to fight against it. Trying her best to take advantage of what she has and living in fear of the things that she could possibly lose is overwhelming. When in the midst of the pandemic she finds out that she is pregnant, her excitement is mixed with fear of the unknown not only of the pandemic but also of trying to keep her child and husband safe. A beautiful story of how even when everything is going right, and things begin to go wrong there’s still joy that can be found and also realizing that with every death comes new life. Rachel is a strong woman who takes on the world to give life to her family.

You Can Let Go Now

  • I knew since I was five years old that I wanted to be a nurse. I never wanted to be a doctor, I never wanted to be a dentist, I definitely did not want to be a veterinarian I wanted to be a nurse. My mom was a nurse and for Halloween when I was five my mom got me the most amazing nurses’ costume complete with a stethoscope, a hat, and even a clipboard with fake papers on it. I’ll never forget that Halloween. I really believe it sent me on my path. I do believe that it is a calling, because it’s definitely not for everyone and it is not for the faint at heart. The things we see on a daily basis are very emotionally and can be psychologically challenging. But that’s what we’re here for, to put everyone else in front of ourselves no matter what the situation. My mother was a great inspiration and I think I made her proud. Being a nurse is hard work, especially when you are pregnant… pregnant in the midst of a pandemic.