Young Black Man Collection: Research & Swag

This collection deals specifically with the struggles of being a young black man. Beginning with Research we hear of a young man as he reflects on what research has shown of his history and what he has learned. Moving forward to present time with Swag and a lighthearted poem that connects us to what it means to have Swag, seek Swag and be Swag.

Young Black Man Collection: Research & Swag

  • Research Here’s the thing about being black Times have been hard in the past and The older I get the more I realize that things Will continue to be hard. Why is that do you think? A group of people were taken from their home land And brought here to the land of the what? And home of the what? Maybe I’m too young too understand what the land of the free means Where the land of the free is. I don’t know that I live there, don’t know that I ever have. Don’t know that I ever will. I thought I should ask my mom and dad if they knew the answer My dad said his favorite line “Son if you want to know the answer to a question, seek it out” Seek it out? Seek it out Daddy? Come on, I don’t want to seek anything out. I’m a kid I want to sit back and let someone spoon-feed me. That’s how we’re supposed to learn right? Right? No, NO! That’s not right. I made the decision to sit down at the library and find an answer to the question “What is this freedom we speak of?” My mom was speechless when I said that I was going to the library My dad almost passed out.




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