This collection addresses a heart felt immigration story. In “Heavy Heart” we hear the story of a father standing in front of some type of a government organization fighting to not be deported. His son Luis is in a hospital and is unconscious and might not make it. When the hospital finds out they report the family to the proper agency and now when they should be with their son in the hospital they stand in front of this group fighting to stay in the United States so that their son doesn’t die alone. Pairing with the previous poem “Tell Them” is from the perspective of the son Luis who wants to be an American citizen by his birthday but when the presidential election happens, his life changes as laws begin to change. The audience doesn’t immediately know the connection of the two poets but it becomes clear who Luis is as he speaks. The love and energy that comes from this little boy is humbling. He just doesn’t want to die alone. He wants to do all the right things. This collection is a look at immigration from a different place, from the eyes of loving parents and the heart of a sick child. And as it says within the collection, “Sometimes we do the wrong things for all the right reasons.” The things that a parent will do for a child are limitless, just as the silent strength of a child to live. An Immigration Story could be inner woven rather than told as two separate stories.

An Immigration Story: Heavy Heart, Tell Them

  • It was the best suit that I had





    Today was the day

    Most important day

    March 13, 2017

    Looking from the sidewalk

    Looking up at the building

    Down at my suit

    Up at the faces

    Down at my feet

    Up at the flashing lights

    Down at the cracks in my hands from years of hard work

    Up at the sun knowing my God is shining down on me

    Down at the news trucks

    Up, up, up

    Down, down, down

    Air floating in and out of my chest

    Move your feet

    Now is the time

    Up, down, move, breath, suit clean, GO!




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