This collection addresses how a Latina sees herself from the view of the world and also an internal view of how she sees herself. In “Stereotypes” she reflects on what she sees in the media about the Latino community and how they are seen through that lens. What she expresses is the idea that if the only things we “know” are what we see on television and read in social media that we are living in the world of blind faith; that we should try to learn from our own experiences rather than believing someone else’s. In “Sunday Dinner” we see her family from her eyes waking up to the Sunday ritual of family cooking and eating together. It is a generational experience that is emotional and beautiful in her storytelling. Lastly in “Brown Is Better” she stands before us and bares it all, she is amazing in any and all ways. She sees herself and her brown as the most amazing color ever. This collection creates a balance of the good, bad and beautiful of what it means to be a Latina.

What Latina Means: Stereotypes, Sunday Dinner, Brow

  • I feel like people feel some kind of way about me

    About the accent that I rock with

    The music I roll to

    The grocery store that I spend my money at

    “How dare they have a store just for them.”

    I used to sit back and laugh at all of the ridiculous things

    Comments on social media

    Side remarks in the hallways of my school

    My city

    My life.

    It was a slow evolution from ridiculous comments just shake it off

    To comments that were making headlines

    News articles

    News stations


    Journal topics at my school, “As a member of the Latino community how do you feel about…”

    A change happened

    A shift in the ground that I always felt would stand strong under me

    I felt it slipping


    I couldn’t get my balance


    Thrown to the ground

    It wasn’t an earthquake though it felt like life as I knew it was changing and

    It was bulldozing through my world so fast I couldn’t keep up.




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