Cece, a college professor sets up her for her classes lecture, she begins to watch pictures on a projector scene of her as a child. Enter Amber her longtime friend that she has invited to speak to her Life Skills 101 class. The women have been friends since middle school when Cece helped Amber not get caught for stealing at the local convenience store. Cece was the “good girl” in the friendship and Amber was the girl from the broken home. These two women were not supposed to be friends, but the longevity of their friendship defied all expectations. It is in a hotel room when the women reconnect after a few years of not communicating that Cece reveals that her life has not been the perfect fairytale that she presented it to be. Through a scene that deals with the affects that family can have on one’s ability to function and a suicide attempt we see these two friends have each other’s backs in the most difficult of times. As the class files into the auditorium and Amber speaks we hear her testimony about being able to face all of the hardships of life and survive them, while Cece stands next to her and shares her stories as well we see these women assist the classroom of college students who have not yet begun this next chapter of their lives see that right now is the time to decided what your future will look like. Sometimes the best life lessons are taught by people who have drowned in the deep end and were able to survive.

A Survivor's Choice

  • (Scene opens with Cece preparing for her class. She is a college professor. She carries herself with poise and is very articulate. She turns on a projector and uses a remote to click her way through a few of the slides.)


    Cece: (Looking at the slides, laughing)Oh my goodness I can’t believe I wore my hair like that. (Click, laughing harder)Seventh grade dance! Jesus, I wore a pink lace dress with white tights. (Laughing she doesn’t notice that Amber- a “wild child” has entered the room watching the slides and smiling as well. She finally laughs louder than Cece.)

    Amber: Yes! Not only did you wear white tights and lace, but you also had on black patent leather church shoes and oh we can’t forget the huge purse that-

    Amber/ Cece: David stole thinking it was the principals. (Laughing)

    Amber: What an idiot, he brought it back to you when he looked inside and found a paper bag with huge maxi pads in it. (Laughing louder.)

    Cece: My mother thought that was the best way to keep my menstrual flow a secret. (She clears her throat and steps to the podium as “David” speaking.) “Hey, I found someone’s purse. There is some make up, and some pads in it.”

    Amber: You stood next to me holding my hand so tight.

    Cece: I would have let him have that damn purse. Please don’t call my name, don’t call my name-

    Amber: Then he says “Oh and a pen that says “Celia Kimper on it. Cece want your purse back?”

    Cece: And I officially died. Right there on the dance floor, everyone staring at me until my best friend Cece (She takes a bow.)yells at him, “The way you act maybe those are yours David. And if you stop stealing people’s stuff you wouldn’t have to worry about the pads you find in it.” (Laughs)

    Amber: Damn right I did. Don’t try to embarrass my girl.

    Cece: So, it was a good balance of tit for tat.(They look at each other for a minute and then they hug.) It’s been too long Amber. (Beat, Cece looks Amber over.)You good?

    Amber: Yeah. I mean, ya know life comes for some of us more than it does others. (She looks around the auditorium.)What do they call you? Professor Cece? Professor Kimper. Oh, wait no Dr. Kimper.




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