A Collection About Bullying: Strange Friends, Bully: That’s Me, Mom Watching

Bullying has become a term that we are all to familiar with. From elementary school through the work place as adults bullying has taken America by storm, especially teenage girls. This collection has the presence of three different women telling three different sides of bullying: the bullied, the bully and the mother of a child who is the victim of bullying. Through their different and very distinctive voices we hear the pain of all of these women as well as seeing the struggle they are going through just to live day to day. Bullying hurts, and it is important to see that it hurts everyone.

About Bullying

  • Strange Friends I didn’t even know I was being bullied. I thought everyone was being thrown into trashcans and soda poured on their hair. I thought everyone was my friend but Some just expressed it different than others. I thought he liked me when he asked me if I thought he was cute and upon saying yes he told me to give him my homework to copy. That isn’t love? I thought that everyone went home crying daily burying their head into a pillow to muffle the sound. I thought all of my classmates lied to their parents about why they were crying and why they all of the sudden have a loss of appetite. I thought that That- It was happening to everyone. These strange friendships that I speak of.




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