A Collection About Growing Up and Letting Go: The Moment, Once

Sometimes in our lives we realize that our parents have held on to us so tight that we become sheltered. But it is not until we make it to a certain age that we can actually start to see the world around us for what it actually is and not for what we were told it was. It is all out of love. All coming from a good place of protection but when we start to see things differently life can get scary really fast. In “The Moment” we explore the moments in life that we are a part of that we don’t realize we have no control over, until eventually we are able to reflect on what has always been and start to hold our lives in our own hands. Then in “Once” we revisit the time when as children, we are carefree and believe that anything is possible. We believe that dreams can come true but eventually we question why when we grow and start to think that our parents start to fear for us. Why it is that when free will becomes a part of our lives that they fear for our safety. They should trust that they did their jobs raising us and we will in turn make good decisions. But we have to learn the world that they have sheltered us from. We have to see it for what it is to us and not what it is to them. We have to be able to remember what we once believed and transform that into what it is to be an adult and make decisions free from outside influences. We still want to dream, we still want to fly.

Growing Up and Letting Go

  • It is not the first moment, the second moment, or the last that really creates who we are, the destiny that we are meant to live out, the paths that we are soon going to turn on to and take the world by storm. Take a moment. Live in the moment. Enjoy the moment. It is the moments that turn into minutes that turn into hours of loving and learning that somehow have the power to form our lives. Formations like the sand castle that was once dry sand and a bucket of water, transform into the oldest creation, the place where the princess lives. Where the fairytales always held the fair maiden, the castle. The sand. The moments and hours. We have no power in that moment. We always think that we have our lives in our hands, sitting in our palms carefully waiting for us to decide what the next thing is going to be. It is a lie. An untruth. The fib of a child. The control is in the wind that blows everything sitting in our hands into the atmosphere and we spend our lives chasing it. Hoping one day we will once again have the false control over the next step, the next beat, the next moment.




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