A Collection About History: Just Asking Questions, Searching

In this collection we experience the act of loss. The feeling that you have lost who you are in the midst of growing up in a world where history is often forgotten. From the perspective of an African American student Searching for answers to all of their ancestry questions that they feel were never answered. The act of seeking knowledge is proven to be a very beautiful thing in this collection.

About History

  • Just Asking Questions Who am I? Who am I you may ask? As you look me up and down wondering what kind of black woman is she? What makes her special? What makes her think that she can look at me and ask all the questions? Who does she think she is? Who am I? you dare say? I am the history of the slave Captured: Picking cotton on the plantations in the south Massa don't like the blackness in me yet he finds his way to love the blackness with the best kept secret Just a little bit of history, because in order to know who I am you must first ask, where did she come from. Freed: Nervous to run, scared to live in my freedom. I don’t know what it means to be free. I am the woman singing to aide in giving direction to Harriet and the others on an underground mission that I was helping her finish. I am the strong black woman that stood in front of all of the slaves every Sunday morning and sang our praises to God for strength, direction and an end to our pain I am the regal black woman that appreciates the women before me that gave their lives so that I can stand her before you today, book in hand to tell a story much like Sunday mornings with a hymnal in one hand and a Bible in the other.




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