Letting go of love can be just as difficult as finding someone to love. In this collection a woman revisits the reason behind the loves that she has had and why she had to let those loves go. She speaks to the reasons behind the Heartbreak that she feels when she realizes and must accept that the man that she loves does not love her. She shares that pain and joy of being able to finally say Goodbye to the man and all of the drama that came with him and his love. And finally she cleanses her soul by moving forward and sharing that she does not hate the man for all that he did to her. It is the ability to move forward and heal that is the most difficult thing to do but this woman’s strength, creativity and power allow her to love herself a little bit more than she loved him.

Letting Go Of Love: Heartbreak,

  • Heartbreak I saw you laugh the other day I heard your voice when you called to say But you left me again and again and again But see I remember back in the day I remember way back when Back in the day when TV was white and black When men and women always knew how to act When my momma and daddy And the great and grand Should told old stories of love from way back when. When men were men When women were like me Quite Loving Attentive And free. Way back when love wasn't said because it was always felt Back when you loved to play the game because of the hand you were dealt Some got aces and some got clubs But it was always the red of the hearts that spread the love. So what the hell happened to the love that they knew? What happened to love when it was bright instead of blue? What happened to wood fires, and roses and candies? Love isn't what it used to be. Love isn't so sweet. Love isn't inside me anymore. Love doesn't love me.




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