A Collection of Poetry About Online Dating: Swipe Right, Not Ready…, Silver Makes Gold

This collection looks at online dating in 2017 from three different perspectives. First, a comedic look as we see a young woman talk about how easy dating is, jump on her apps and start swiping. She even jokes with her mom about how she can’t believe all of the effort people use to go through to date “back in the day.” Next we see a woman, older than the first woman who talks about her reservations to online dating. She didn’t feel like she was ready but after some encouragement from her girlfriends she decides that maybe it is time. After meeting a “nice guy” she finds herself on the receiving end of a sexual assault that takes her to a dark place, but reminds her to trust herself before anyone else. Lastly, we see the high spirited grandmother who is introduced to the world of online dating by her granddaughter. She swipes right, connects with an elderly man who, like her, just wants someone to talk to. They have both lived long lives, lost their significant others, but have decided that a friend to talk to might be exactly what they need. It makes you smile and feel the love that is possible at any age.

Online Dating (three different generations)

  • Swipe Right The joy of being twenty-one Dating is a breeze I don't even have to leave my house. I can jump on my phone Download the dating app flavor of the week and just Swipe right Swipe right Swipe right Easy as pie ladies and gentlemen, easy as pie. Last week I went on three dates One guy was super cute One had a great car One had really nice pictures so what the hell right? I got two $6 lattes and a meal plus a slice of pie out of it so in the end I’m winning. I asked my mom what they did back in the day when she was my age. She looked at me, laughed and said, “We would go out to places and meet people.” Meet people? Haha, who does that? Like she literally would get dressed and go out places hoping to meet someone Like a guy would come up to her and start a conversation. What? No one connects like that anymore. That’s so much effort. It’s all about the dating apps All about the angle of the picture you post Does he think you’re cute? First impressions only take a few seconds so when I take my profile picture I make sure that it showcases my cheeks, smile, my right side is stronger than my left and my eyes are a selling point. See how I did that, I’ll show you again: chin up, angles, smile, hair perfect, snap, snap, snap.




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