A Collection of Poetry About the Present State of Humanity: Do Better, Essentially
Do Better, Damn Right I Fight- not on site

***Originally told from the perspective of a white actor or actress but could be cut to reflect anyone. This collection deals with the present state of humanity, race relations and how we should see ourselves living in America in 2017. In “Do Better” we address injustices as well as the unequal treatment of people of color while discussing the idea of white privilege. The concept behind the poem is for people to realize that no one should feel like they are standing alone and that there are advocates of all races that are not afraid to let their voice be heard. In “Essentially” we speak on the things that we need to address, change and make better so that our history books will not solely reflect a time of so much hate and disorder. What will our children read about us? What world will be left for them? Taking the presentation of a headline in a newspaper, we read the headlines, analyze them, address them and decide will we sit and wait for tomorrow’s paper to drop at our feet or will we get up and work for change? Lastly in “Damn Right I Fight” we see the narration of the storytelling explaining why it is that they fight. They tell the story of their mother being assaulted and as a result they were conceived. The fight that their mother went through is what makes them want to fight for everyone who they feel is being silenced in the world. *These two poems move with a certain attitude and style that creates a place for the audience to be challenged, reflect and see themselves in a true reflection.

Present State of Humanity

  • Do Better Do Better My English teacher walks into the room Something is wrong Head held low She silently wipes tears from her eyes as she tries to explain something to us. Was it another 9/11 Another Shooting Another crisis Another child dead The shame is in the normality of every crisis. “A school shooting. Why do we hurt each other so much? So much hate? Tell me why?” I thought for a moment In the midst of the umbrella of a rhetorical question I stood And addressed the class. “Ignorance, a lack of understanding and sympathy for other human beings. We’ve changed our mindset, allowed it to be formed, shaped, adjusted. Don’t wonder why, I believe the why is simple- to give the otherwise silent a voice. If no one listens to you, you yell and pout and like five year old me you stomp your feet until you get what you want. But what happens if no one listens? For years? Five year old me turns into fifteen year old me and no one is listening. No speech class to challenge me but I have a gun. Gun gives me power. If I point it at someone they-will-listen.” Allow me to speak on my why.




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