A Collection About Religion: My Life’s Work, When I Knew I Was a Poet, Forgotten Prayer, Book of Life

This collection shares different aspects of the struggle that overcomes us with religion. It is not a reflection of religious experience but rather a story of moments in time when religion comes to light and must be looked at and addressed. Some are prayers for strength and others are a proclamation of how they took their next step, through faith.

About Religion

  • When I Knew I Was a Poet Nothing would make sense in life without poetry. The art of turning an argument into something beautiful that other people can relate to. To touch the cheek of a baby and be inspired. Having the knowledge that maybe one day I'll collect all of my poems together and have the strength to do the things I want to do. To be lead by a force that is stronger than the mind, softer than the soul and deeper than love. To look back over a poem and remember the exact moment that inspired the work but have no recollection of how the hell that poem was actually created...that's when you know you're a poet. Running to write. Living for not only the words that I was writing but also feeling the desperate need to be surrounded by other creative minds. But there's one thing...one last ingredient that has to be a part of the creation of the inner breath of a poet...passion.




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