Sports Poems Collection: She Watched Me Play, Sports Feet, The Loss Of My Life

Told from the perspective of a male he shares with us the importance of sports in his life. His stories are meant to make us laugh and cry as we realize that sports are a right of passage for most young men and sometimes that right of passage is a difficult one to leave behind. These poems will make you remember that one thing you held onto in high school that made you different and special and how amazing it felt to look up in the stands and see your parents and know that at that moment you were a star.

About Sports

  • She Watched Me Play My dad told me “Son if there is one thing you are going to do in this house it’s play basketball.” He told me that when I was born, and everyday after that and every year after that and every game that I ever played win or lose. The only thing I remember my mom saying was “I love you. I’m always there.” She didn’t say anything else. It’s hard to know what you are going to be Without knowing if it’s what you want to be While looking into the eyes of the man who Made you and knowing that this was the dream. Don’t ask me the question. I know the question. He never asked me if I wanted to play and for a long time For a lifetime I didn’t know that it was an option not to play So for the first seventeen years of my life I lived with a ball in my hand I cried with the ball in my hand I would wake up some nights and my dad had Put the ball in the bed with me because he said, “To feel the ball with you while you sleep is better than being with a woman. The ball doesn’t speak.”




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