A Collection About The Latina Voice: Hear My Voice, Hear My Cry 
What Do You Want To Know

Everyone has a story to tell and the strongest stories tend to be from the people who have be or are being told not to speak. In this collection we hear the voice of the Latina woman who is excited to share the person that she is. Both poems dealing with the experience of being silenced for too long and now needing to not only speak but to be heard. The collection address “The Wall” that has become an active topic of conversation but looks at it in the way that digests the purpose of any wall not just this specific wall. This woman wants to be heard. She shares with the audience the family and life experiences that she has had that makes her look at the color of her skin and realize she is no different than anyone else, but can she make other see this as well? Finally she asks the question that opens up all communication, rather than “thinking” you know me, she poses the question, “What do you want to know?” The collection is heartwarming, sassy, emotional and relevant to the world we are presently living in.

The Latina Voice

  • Hear My Voice, Hear My Cry Can you hear my voice? Can you hear my cry? While Martin said that we have a dream. I dream. I wonder if his dream was for me? Can I raise my fist with my African American Brothers and sisters and say, “I Too Am America!” But as I lower my fist and look at my hand I realize I am not them and they are not me Though we are not that different we are not the same And ain’t that a damn shame? Well ain’t it? No shame in me or my love for the skin that got with skin To create my beautiful skin. No shame in the woman with black hair And the man with no hair That created the skin and the hair and the dimple on the right My swag on the left The creases in my neck The hump on my back The brown in my eyes. My eyes. See me. See my eyes that are brown, no black, no shades of Every little Latina girl that runs into the house and Calls out, “Mommy! Papa! MiFamilia!” She is me. I am here. Little brown girl with the biggest smile in the world so innocent Can you see her? Can you see me?




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