For far too long the voice of the woman has been silenced, ignored or overlooked. In this collection we address the fact of the voice being lost, and end with the day that her voice makes its appearance for all to hear. In Beaches the voice of a woman is compared to the beach, a place that people want to be but so many never experience. Exploring the idea that there are many things in our lives that we silence and often don’t know it. In Dead Voicewe are reminded of all of the things that women’s voices should be standing for and yet is often overlooked in the recognition of its purpose. And finally, in Todaythe silence is broken and the voice of a woman speaks for all to hear. The importance of this poem is to create the balance of what was for some women and takes the audience through the journey of getting to the point in life where speaking is a powerful tool that she will use. It is the golden ticket moment that all people, not just woman, should hope to get to. Where we can speak and be heard. Speak and not be told that what we have to say isn’t relevant. Speak and unapologetically accept that this place is exactly where we should always be. An ode to the struggle women have had, and some still struggle with to speak and be listened to.

About Women Finding Their Voice (Strength): Beaches, Dead Voice, Today

  • Beaches

    There is something that needs to be said

    Words resting

    Liquified on the tip of my tongue

    Like the buds of fruit wanting to sprout

    And grow

    And become a part of something bigger than them.

    That’s it. Words tend to not be able to leave my lips

    They swim in my head and I know

    I know

    I believe

    That I can hear them

    I can hear my own words talking to myself

    Telling me to just open my mouth

    Just speak

    Say the words

    Make the vowels

    Mix with the consonants

    Compiling the rhythm of the things that just need to be… said.

    But I am a Beach.


    I am a Beach and my words are the endless waves reaching towards the horizon

    That is, honestly, never ending.

    Looking up

    Eyes squinting

    Staring into the sun


    Staring into the setting of the beaming light that silences me


    To the ripple of the waves

    I am all these things.




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