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One of the most overused and underappreciated resources in the world is Mother Earth. With so many different elements that make up the earth this collection of poetry focuses in on three pieces of the earth and the world that we live in today that tend to be taken for granted. In Sound, we focus in on the things that we hear every day and don't realize it because we expect to hear them. We anticipate relationships with sound that are not a guarantee to everyone else. In Color, poking fun at the first time this person tries to dye their hair, a poem that focuses on the idea that if you change the way you look your life will instantly be better. A great play on words that subtextually connects us by making us laugh at the satire that a $5 box of hair dye could change our lives. Finally in Textures a girl reflects on how a simple prom dress changed her life forever. It made her realize that there was something out there that she didn't know about and she decided she wanted to learn. Focusing her time and energy into learning about fabrics and textures and how they are made and produced and realizing that something as simple as a red satin prom dress can be the beginning of a great thing.

Appreciating Mother Earth

  • Sound

    At a very young age I had an obsession

    Something that lived in my head

    As an active neighbor

    Right next door that I waved at

    Every morning

    Happy to see them

    Happy they stepped out on their porch this morning

    And every morning

    The earth.


    The Earth is as important as air

    As relevant as water

    And as unappreciated as a paper towel

    But think, how messy would the world be if we couldn’t

    Clean up after ourselves?

    The Earth is something we don’t think about because we know

    As long as we are here it will he here with us


    I slide my bare feet into the sand and I am

    Fixated on the millions of miniature rocks that

    Slide through my feet

    I take a handful and put it in a plastic bag to that I can remember what it feels like

    How it smells

    I push my feet back and forth, back and forth

    To add into my memory what this feels like

    In case I never make it to the beach again

    Never share my skin with one of the skins of the Earth.

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