This is a story of infatuation that reminds us that when the red lights of our inner self begin to flash, we should immediately stop and walk away. The first time Kallen meets Lucy he immediately falls in love with her. She is a nice girl who meets him on the first day of school and sees he’s the new guy, so she introduces herself to him. Little did she know that in that introduction she would change the course of her life. Kallen begins to stalk her in school, outside of school but in his presentation, she sees him as harmless and very nice. There is something a little off with him and when she finally has that realization, she dismisses it and continues to talk to him. It is in a study meet up that Kallen can’t hide who he really is as he, what he really feels and what he really wants. He accidently tells Lucy “I love you.” Words that are usually welcomed by the receiving party, but Lucy didn’t see Kallen in this way. When he points out all of the things, she had done that made him feel this way, she explains what those things really were to her. She finally walks away and told him and tells him to stay away from her. It is in the upcoming days, when Kallen comes to school with a gun and begins shooting people that Lucy finally realizes. As she hides under a table trying to call her mom, listening to her classmates and friends being shot that she accepts the only thing she wants is to live. Eventually he finds her, she plays into him… will she be able to talk down a killer or will he take her with him?

At First Hello

  • (Scene opens with Lucy, a teenager girl who is cowering under a table of some sort. She tries to get her phone out, but she is shaking so bad she can’t make it all connect in her head to make a call. Her fear and frustration is clear- when Kallen enters. He is a “normal” looking teenage boy. When he enters it looks as though he is looking for someone and for a moment, we don’t see the gun he has in his hand until we do. Lucy hears his footsteps as he looks around this room. Beat. He sees her before she sees him. Throughout his monologue Lucy never moves.)

    Kallen: Lucy…come out come out wherever you are. (Laughing)I tell you what, if you come out, I won’t kill any more of your stupid friends at this stupid school. (Beat)I know you’re in here Lucy. Remember when I told you we were connected? I can feel your fear, but you don’t have to be afraid of me…I love you. I have from the first day we met.

    (Transition, back to the beginning. It’s the first day of school and Lucy is working the registration table.)

    Lucy: (As people walk past, on a megaphone)Hey seniors, don’t forget to come and check out the senior table. Lots of good stuff happening this year: homecoming, prom, graduation and everything in between. Come over and sign up so you don’t miss any of the senior information.(Kallen approaches, he is reserved but as nice as he can be.)Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you before, what’s your name?

    Kallen: Hi. Ummm this is my first year here.

    Lucy: Transferring your senior year? That has to suck. (She laughs, he smiles for the first time.)

    Kallen: Yeah. My parents waited until now to decide they hate each other.

    Lucy: Oh, yours too? (Laughing)Mine, luckily decided that years ago so I’m not as messed up as you might be. (Smiles. Beat.)

    Kallen: So, what is all this?

    Lucy: Senior registration.

    Kallen: (Laughs)I got that but what are you- what do you do?

    Lucy: Like in life?

    Kallen: (Smiles)Like in this school?

    Lucy: (She offers her hand)Hello, my name is Lucy Richards and I am your senior class president, at your service. (He smiles, shakes her hand.)

    Kallen: Have you been practicing that all summer, make sure you had it down perfectly?

    Lucy: Absolutely. I mean where would the senior class be without my expert direction.

    Kallen: Direction?

    Lucy: Absolutely. Take you for example, a new student to the school (Looking at him questioning)and to the area? (He shakes his head “yes.”)Perfect. And to the area and here you are at Lakeridge High School with thousands of students, hundreds of teachers and a shit ton of teenage drama. How would you maneuver that without a guide?

    Kallen: So, your job as president is to help me maneuver all of the bullshit?

    Lucy: Ummm… yes. I like to think of myself as a problem solver of things-

    Kallen: shit-

    Lucy: sure shit. (They both laugh)

    Kallen: Glad we clarified your position as the president and here I thought you were just some pretty girl with a megaphone yelling at people passing by.

    Lucy: Absolutely! (Laughs)And so much more.

    Kallen: I get you. Student services representative.

    Lucy: What’s that?

    Kallen: The job I had at my old school. See we’re already connected.

    Lucy: Like two peas in a pod.

    Kallen: Just like that. (They smile)




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