A teenager with ADHD recounts the moment of his life that he realized that something was wrong. Knowing that you don’t have the ability to sit in a classroom like your other classmates and focus on the tasks at hand because your mind is on a ton of other things. In the mind of a child starring out of the window and losing your time in the beautiful wings of a butterfly seems amazing but when you are brought back to life you don’t know what you’ve missed. As a child it was dismissed as an “active imagination” but the older they got the harder focusing became. After being diagnosed all they wanted was to be like the other kids, to have the normal social cues but they didn’t. Their parents wouldn’t allow them to be medicated so their mind lived in a constant burning fire until in their senior year they get tired of fighting and decide that medication is the only way they will be able to experience calm and normalcy. They come up with a plan, after researching the causes of ADHD they realize that a lot of the causes are the fault of decisions the parents have made: drinking and smoking. Thinking this was the answer they go to the doctor’s office and when the results are read, they find out that the parents had been involved in a very violent relationship which they now blame themselves for his disability. In a completely broken moment the child realizes that the best cause of action should have been just asking for what he wanted. Instead he will live the rest of his life with the effects of the pain he caused his parents. A powerful story that goes into the head of a person with ADHD trying to figure out how to get what they want when they, as a child, have no control. ***Performance may be done by a male or female. All edits for this purpose are acceptable by the writer and publisher.

Band Aids on Bullet Holes

  • Butterflies. The day I saw butterflies for the first time in my kindergarten class looking out of the window, that was the day my mother figured out something was wrong. Sitting in my kindergarten class with my big chief pencil and my big chief paper looking at the paper and the pencil and I’m not exactly sure back then what I was thinking but now it was probably something along the lines of, “What can I draw right now a fish? Or maybe I can draw a nice picture for mommy to put on the refrigerator. That always makes her happy.” But I can tell you what I wasn’t doing, I wasn’t about doing my work. I was always getting in trouble for not doing my work. I couldn’t get anyone to understand that the things that were going on in my head were just so much more interesting, so much more colorful, and they moved by so fast. In the 30 minutes that my teacher focused on writing letters I could’ve run a marathon in my mind. And then out of the corner of my eye I saw a butterfly floating in the air outside of the window. It was like she had a secret she needed to tell me but I couldn’t get up to open the window and find out what it was, so I stared at her and she stared at me. I started to feel bad because her wings were working so hard to keep her in the window. I didn’t hear my teacher calling my name. “Stephen, Stephen, Stephen Logan. I think it is time that I talk to your mother.” She didn’t even see what a beautiful butterfly it was.




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