One of the strongest relationships is that between a mother and daughter. When Linda stands with her daughter Robbie a week before her wedding day looking at her in her wedding dress she can barely hold back her emotions. But when the two women begin to talk about Robbie’s father Steven who is in prison for life for murdering a black man, his ties with the Klan, his racist family and all of the things that come with are brought to the forefront. As much as Robbie wants to move past who her family is the fact that she is marrying a black man is a difficult pill for her mother to swallow. Through a series of memories of her childhood, the trial, visiting her father in prison and a breakdown from Linda we find out the deepest and darkest family secret. Steven killed the black man Lawrence because he found out he was Robbie’s biological father. This is not information that Robbie ever knew and she isn’t sure why now is the time her mother decides to share it with her. As they address many demons in their family closet Robbie must decide if her mother’ secrets are things that she cam accept and move past or if the truth is so overwhelming that the best thing for her to do as she begins this new chapter in her life is to cut ties with all of the negativity and hate that comes with her family and start new. This is a highly emotional and deeply rooted story that addresses how hate can consume ones life but the reality that it is possible to move past adversity and grow as an individual.

Black and White

  • (Dressed as a bride Robbie, stands in front of Linda, her mother who is fixing her hairpiece and looking at her daughter in the mirror. They share a moment looking at each other before Robbie speaks.)

    Robbie: The dress fits perfectly. One more week mom, one more week and you’ll be walking me down the aisle.

    Linda: Giving my little girl away.

    Robbie: Something borrowed-

    Linda: -my diamond earrings. And yes I want them back. (Smile) I’ve been waiting a long time to give them to you. (She moves Robbie’s hair out of the way so she can see them, they have a moment.) They are so beautiful on you. I love you. (They both smile)

    Robbie: So I can keep them? (Linda kisses her forehead)

    Linda: Of course.

    Robbie: Something new-

    Linda: -shoes, check.

    Robbie: Something blue-

    Linda: -Aunt Lacy’s bracelet.

    Robbie: I couldn’t find something old.

    Linda: (Beat) You could have Robbie.

    Robbie: Not today mom.

    Linda: She offered you something, you turned it down. (Robbie returns to looking at herself in the mirror and begins to take things off.)

    Robbie: She offered me a necklace that-

    Linda: -the necklace is beautiful. She offered you a necklace and it is beautiful. Why can’t that be it?

    Robbie: Because it’s not it. It’s not just a necklace. It’s not just beautiful. It’s from her which means it’s from him and I- I can’t do it on my wedding day. She should be glad I sent invitations to his side of the family. (Getting frustrated she takes a deep breath.) Grandma Rose doesn’t know him like I do. I just won’t have something old. Today is going to be great, we will finish this dress fitting, have lunch and I will not let anything negative come into my world.

    Linda: He’s your father.

    Robbie: You made that mistake.




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