This collection of poetry addresses how someone deals with the absence of a father. In Daddy is Missing we hear the ideas of things going missing and people looking for them. What is that like? To be the face on a milk carton or the person a flyer? But for this person they are looking for their father. He was a presence for a while and them, he was gone. How does someone move on from that moment or do they continue to search all of their lives? In Swinging Door, the last moment that a child sees their father is visualized in a difficult poem. Through their eye’s daddy leaves with a suitcase, but it is the physical response of the mother that makes the child understand the situation. Lastly, in When I Marry a very honest and at times humorous poem that deals with someone expressing all of the reasons that they are never getting married. But when the truth comes to light it is realized that their reality says if they never marry they will never have to divorce.

*This collection may be performed by any gender actor.

Broken Family Dynamics


    Only children grace the back of milk cartons

    Stained from the snow-white milk

    Their faces memories of children who

    Are loved and missed by someone somewhere

    But they don’t do that anymore


    Only children get Amber Alerts

    Cities come to a standstill

    Communities come together

    Looking under every bridge

    In the woods

    Dogs out

    Searching for a scent

    The smell… the dogs hold on to the smell


    Like the scent on the end of a dog’s nose

    Like the memories on the cartons

    Like a mother forever waking up to an empty bed

    Like a father gone missing.


    My father has gone missing.