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When Allison comes home and tells her mom Karen that she has so graciously volunteered her to be the president of the cheer moms booster club Karen nearly dies, literally. After talking to the angel and the devil that live on her shoulders she realizes she has to do this for her daughter. It isn’t until the meeting that she realizes that the cheer moms are every piece of hell she thought they would be. From the mean mom and her sidekick to the mom that is super skinny and eats the entire time to the outgoing president that tried to direct her path all of these women are insane. When it becomes clear that the best way to gain their respect is through selling the most cookies Karen takes on the challenge. In the end she realizes that being a great mom is the most important thing in the world.

Cheer Or Die

  • Allison: Mom! MOM! (Cheering) 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate? Karen: Oh, a cheer! Isn’t that cute! Yes honey, what is it? Allison: Lucy’s mom says that in order for me to be on the cheer squad, my mom had to be on the Booster club so I signed you up. Karen: What?! Signed me up in what capacity? Allison: I don’t know what that means. I’m only in the sixth grade. Geez you’re always talking to me like I’m a stupid old grown up and I’m not. Karen: No, you’re not a grown up. Allison: What did you say mom? Karen: Nothing dear, nothing at all. Allison: The only position they had available was President so I signed you up. Karen: Excuse me, what did you say? Allison: You’re welcome Mrs. President. You always told me to be the best at all I do, so I thought that’d go for you too Prezzo. Sounds good right? Karen: Sounds like hell in a handbag. Allison: Why would you want to carry around hell? (Dismissive) Adults, God help them. Karen: I wish murder weren’t against the law. Allison: But this way I’m a Shoo-in for cheer captain. Karen: If you’re alive. Allison: Hmm? Karen: Nothing. Nothing at all. Allison: Okay cool. Be at the meeting today, school gym at 6pm. Bye. Karen: Bye. (She begins to cry) I wonder if I could get my affairs in order, cook dinner, feed the dog, walk the cat, and kill myself all before 6pm?
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