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No seventeen-year-old wants to spend their time away from social media and instead babysitting their two seven- year- old twin siblings, but that is exactly what Laura has been tasked to do by her mother. To make matters the absolute worst she has to do it with no cell phone and no television as she is on punishment. So, what do you do to entertain two seven-year old’s that are basically alien creatures from another planet? You make up a game filled with imagination, characters we may or may not know and you give them a remote to control this new world with. Through the creative eyes of Laura and the minds of her siblings we get to see just how far she’ll go to keep them entertained with one imaginary remote, and all of the stories to tell in the world, absolutely nothing can go wrong…but of course it always does.


  • (Scene opens with Laura, a typical seventeen-year-old: one her phone, talking with attitude, taking selfies. She takes a few shots that she believes are cute.)

    Laura: #toocute. (Shot) #mymommamademe #boyslikewhattheysee

    Mom: #theybetternotcomeovertomyhouseortheywillgetafootupthey-

    Laura: Mom!

    Mom: Laura!

    Laura: You are such a hater.

    Mom: Off the phone. (shot)

    Laura: In a minute. I’m livestreaming right now. (Into her phone) “That’s my mom, she’s pretty dope.”

    Mom: (Getting in the picture) Until she takes her phone because her physics teacher called me today about a failing grade. (Laura is totally embarrassed, immediately lowers the phone.)

    Laura: Stop it, she did?

    Mom: (Hand out) Phone.

    Laura: (Refusing) No.

    Mom: Look little girl either you give me that phone OR I will take the phone, the car and make you sleep in the back yard.

    Laura: That’s child abuse.

    Mom: Damn straight it is. (Laura gives her the phone.) I’m going out tonight, so you have to watch your little brother and sister.

    Laura: The Demon Twins.

    Mom: As long as everyone is alive when I get home I don’t care.

    Laura: Don’t take attendance when you come back.

    Mom: No phone. No tv.

    Laura: I’ll kill myself.

    Mom: And that will make my count that much easier. (Laura rolls her eyes) Back in my day we didn’t have tv or phones. Talk to them, get to know them.

    Laura: Literally a death sentence.

    Mom: Well I’ll see you on the other side. Love you, bye! (She kisses her on the cheek and exits.)

    Laura: Kill me.

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