This follows Melissa, a mother, who shares with us the details of her sons abduction and walks us through the first 72 Hours of that ordeal. Will he be found? Or will 72 Hours turn into a lifetime?

DI/ Female- 72 Hours

  • (Melissa picks up a picture. She holds it close to her heart as if it is the most sacred thing she owns. Her mind begins to wonder, memory begins. Kellen appears, he is a vibrant child with an electric smile. The audience loves him before he even speaks.) My name is Kellen but my mommy and daddy call me KC. K, because my name is Kellen and C because my middle name is Jake. (Beat, he laughs) That is called a punch line that was a joke. I am going to be a comedian when I am older. My mommy tells me that I am so funny and that I can make her laugh until it hurts. Oh, but not in a bad way, in a good way because she is laughing so hard it hurts. That’s how funny I am. She always laughs, she’s the best. (Melissa laughs at the memory and puts the picture back.) Melissa: KC time for breakfast. Kellen: Mom can I pour my own Fruity Pebbles today? When you pour it I always have too much milk and not enough cereal. I need more carbs mom. Melissa: “I know I know KC when you can reach the box you can pour your own.” (Beat, laughs) That was the game that we played every morning. I knew he wanted me to make his breakfast but he always asked and I always replied the same way. Then before I knew it, I became his first punch line. Kellen always made me laugh. He kept a smile on my face and it wasn’t because he was my son. He was really funny. He would come home from school telling us all of the things that he had learned that day but it was never boring.




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