A mother recounts the choices that she made and wishes that she could change in an effort to have a stronger connection with her daughter. As a young woman gives up her life and her goals when she finds out she is pregnant, she puts all of her life’s goals into her child. But she soon sees herself forcing the life she thought she would live on her child. We find that sometimes we live for a time that is not always promised to us and a reality that we may never live to see. When basketball becomes the only way of communication who will rise a mother or a player? Finally in the midst of watching a game, yelling in support, yelling at her daughter, she watches her child who wants nothing more than to make her happy stop and fall. Will this mother lose her greatest gift on the court or will she be able to realize that she cannot live her life through her child. As she takes a final shot and watches her daughter fade away.

DI/ Female- As She Fades Away

  • (Takes basketball off of the shelf) I got this one for winning the state finals and being voted MVP. I was a senior in high school, Trailwind High School in a little country town called Dewitt, Arkansas. But when Nicole Jackson stepped on the court girls got scared. (Laughs) I mean girls was calling in sick because of me. I’m telling you the truth. Listen it was like this, almost like a movie, the bus pulled up the doors would open and a beam of sunlight would blind you so you couldn’t see the greatness walking past, but I stepped out of the locker room and there was a thick fog and on the other end of it was a line of girls from the other team on the floor passed out at the thought of playing the beast that was me. My lay up was formulated and flawless and I was shooting 92% from the line, best numbers in the state and top ten in the country. Who would have ever thought that a country ass girl from the other side of the tracks would ever amount to a damn thing? But as I stood in the middle of the court with the confetti dropping all around me and was given this golden basketball I knew, I knew I wasn’t going to be in this place much longer. Basketball was my way out and I was never going to look back. (Beat) Interesting how God throws us for a loop. Killed my dreams, took my life away in one split second. Everything…gone. Thirty seven trophies, forty two metals and countless ribbons I won for playing. Basketball was my life. My senior year a recruiter met with me and offered me a full scholarship to play for Duke. I was the only freshman in the starting line up and I didn’t disappoint. Four years down the road I would be in the WMBA that was my future. No, I know what you’re thinking I didn’t have some tragic accident and get hurt, I just got pregnant.




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