In the fashion of a fairytale we meet Mally a woman with special powers. She talks of the choices she has made and the ways in which she has chosen to use her powers for negative things. It is not until she shares with us why she does what she does that we realize that not only so choices have consequences but sometimes those consequences’ can change the course of your life forever. Mally is living in a sleepless, dreamless world. It is through her description of her dreamless life that perspective is gained on exactly how important dreams can be. She finally shares with us her greatest life defeat and how when you lose what you want most nothing else matters. And it is in the loss of what she wants most that takes away her ability to feel. Until she sees her dreams in real life in the form of her watching a child get off the bus. She is changed. Though she has powers she can nit find her happiness in magic, or in the flick of the wrist, sometimes you just have to live.

DI/ Female- Flick Of The Wrist





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