Lana is a beautiful woman who opens the scene humming and connecting with the audience. When she opens her mouth to begins singing nothing comes out. Lana has lost her ability to talk, sing and write due to a tragic accident that damaged her brain. But in this performance we see both sides of Lana, the side that can talk and communicate with s and the part that can’t. She talks of the time that changed her life when her mother unexpectedly died and she made it her life’s mission to make it on Broadway. It was that dream that had her attention the day she was in the car accident that took her voice. Now all she wants is to be able to speak and be heard. This is a powerful piece that deals with the human heart and our innate ability to recover while still fighting with out own demons. Not only must she accept her life’s sentence but she must also be able to balance it with waking up every morning a different person than who she would like to be, acceptance for who she is presents a great challenge. Lana ends the scene much how she began it, with an inaudible song that transforms into a beautiful hum, which brings her closure. (*Performer is expected to make sounds that can not be understood, and hum beautifully.)

DI/ Female- Silent Thoughts

  • (Lana, a beautiful woman stands before the audience. She looks at the audience, smiles, winks and begins to hum. The humming is a beautiful melody to her as well as the audience. She opens her mouth as if to speak but nothing comes out. She tries again, nothing. She then let's out a sound, almost a slight cry, she looks at the audience. Her joy turns to shame.) That is the woman that I am now. The worst thing about losing your ability to speak is that at one point in time I had it. I had the most beautiful voice in the world. My mother used to tell me that she couldn't wait for me to grow up so that I could be a big star on Broadway speaking deep within my diaphragm. (Laughs) That created my dream. My mother told me that I was the most beautiful and most talented little girl she knew. All I wanted to do in life was to prove her right. I stood on many stages in my life. I told the most amazing stories. I made a living from the ability to size up a complete strangers pair of shoes and make them fit like they were mine. Prostitutes, mothers, drug addicted girlfriends, social workers, lovers; I even played the plant in Little Shop of Horrors. I had a voice, I had a power, and I had the talent dammit. (Beat) Now I sit trapped within my own mind and the only person that I can talk to every day is me. To go from the shining star into the darkness of night is a pretty scary ride. I bought the ticket that day. I chose to get on the ride that changed my life. I'm very excited to entertain you today. I hope you find my story to be one of sacrifice and hope.




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