Marlo is a troubled young woman. At a young age she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, a difficult combination to treat and especially to live with. But after her parents have her committed she begins to experience a balance in her life that she had never experienced before. She moves out of the facility and into her own apartment, gets a job, begins dating and is living a normal life. Soon Marlo finds out she is pregnant. After giving birth to her perfect daughter Heaven, Marlo decides that she no longer needs her medication. Shortly after she flushes her medications she begins to hear a series of voices and as time passes the voices get louder and louder. They have been quiet for too long. She tries to fight the voices but they eventually overcome her and she ends the life of the one great gift she was given, Heaven.

DI/ Female- The Path To Heaven

  • (Scene opens with Marlo playing and singing a familiar children's song. She talks to her imaginary friends.) I'm so glad that all of you are here for the tea party today. I told mommy and daddy that I was having a tea party they told me that was great, they said I could invite all of my friends and that's why all of you are here. Would you like tea Mr. Twinkles? Would you like another cookie Miss Towlow? (Beat, sees the audience) Who invited you to my party? I didn't invite you to our party. Get out. Do you hear me? Get out. My friends and I don't like you. I suppose my greatest gift in my life was a slew of prescription drugs that I started when I was eleven years old. And people don't understand why sick people go off of their medication. I can tell you why. It's because some days we wake up we actually want to feel like we are alive. I haven't felt that way in a really long time. When I started on my medications it was 2001. I took three pills in the morning but I had to repeat the process in the afternoon and at night, so I was taking a total of nine pills not terrible, not too much, but for an eleven year old taking nine pills a day is a challenge. The older I got the more prescriptions I had to take because the voices were so strong. My doctor said that as I grow it is possible that the voices are growing too.




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