Natalie is a woman who is struggling with the things in her head. The things that are telling her that what she wants is what is real. She continues to listen to the voices and not live in the reality of the situation. She falls in love with the man of her dreams. She loves him, worships him, stalks him but fights with the idea that he may not love her back and the fact that he doesn't even know who she is. How can he not love her? How can she accept this to be true? As she confronts him about their nonexistent love we watch her fall farther and farther from reality. This is a dangerous love, violent and unstable. But that's what love tends to be sometimes right?

DI/ Female- The Touch of Water

  • (We see Natalie, she is standing in front of something, beat, she is terrified. She reaches forward and turns on the water, she hears it running, the sight of it makes her cringe, she is clearly frightened. She sees us see her, she speaks) Right after it happened I didn’t shower for weeks...thirty-four days to be exact. There was something about the sight, the feel the presence of water that affected me, almost made me feel alive and for a while I didn’t know why and no one would tell me, they wouldn’t tell me. They wouldn’t tell me and I didn’t know…the water. It just didn’t make sense to me, I would stand in the bathroom and I knew that there were important things that I needed to do in the bathroom but it all involved water and I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t let it touch me and for the life of me…I didn’t know why. I wasn’t always a mess. When I was in high school, about your age, I was the most beautiful girl in the room. All of the girls wanted to be my friend and all of the boys wanted to date me. And let’s be honest, I loved it. I mean what girl wouldn’t want the attention from the boys and the pissed off girls because their boyfriends were looking at me. My family life was great. Both of my parents are still married it will be twenty-seven years at the end of next month. (Laughs) I can’t stay with a guy for a few months let alone years. I admire them for their ability to stay together and I think they’re faithful to each other, what is that? (Laughs as she fixes a drink) I mean don’t get me wrong I know about in “In the eyes of God” and all that jazz but if we’re being honest, and we’re being honest right? If we’re being honest it’s all a bunch of bull.




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