The story of two brothers Brian and Aaron. They have a very strong relationship and love each other very much. As the big brother Aaron tries his best to keep his brother safe and secure but he cannot beat the power of their abusive father. The older the boys get the more they want to run away from their lives, their situation and their father. After Brian endures a beating he decides to kill himself, in the midst of the suicide attempt Aaron finds him and saves his life. Brian had begged his brother to get him out of the house and in the midst of trying to make that happen Brian gave up. After being saved Brian confronts his father about their lives and the abuse they have endured, they have a fight and before Brian could hurt him his father grabs his chest and falls to the ground. He never tells Aaron of the fight, but he does talk him into finally leaving for good, two brothers, hand in hand.

Duo/ Duet- Big Brother, Little Brother

  • (The scene opens with Aaron the older of the two boys in the story. He is strong in presence. Brian, his younger brother is closed off and fearful. His spirit has been stolen from him.) Aaron: (To audience) I always wanted to be a big brother and when my mom told me she was pregnant I was excited. (Beat) It was on that day that I turned to my mom and asked, “Will daddy hurt the baby like he does us?” (Smiles) I was just a kid. I didn’t understand that my father’s rage wasn’t targeted towards anyone (Laughs) he was fairly an asshole to everyone. (Beat) But when my mom died, it was a fear that I had never experienced. Standing in front of her casket in my suit with Brian to one side- Brian: -and Dad on the other. And I remember that he looked down at us and said- Dad: “You both better cry. Cry and shut up about it or you’ll get it when we get home.” Brian: We were already crying. Crying because we loved her. She was a wonderful mother. (Beat) Aaron: The best mother but now that she was gone, I knew- Brian: -we both knew that his rage would turn to us. Aaron: As the closed the casket I wanted to jump inside of it. She was gone and I couldn’t even really mourn her because I was so afraid of the beatings that I knew were coming. Brian: The fear of something that you anticipate happening. (They watch the casket close) Aaron: I had to be a protector for my little brother. He wasn’t as strong as me. I played my part, the punching bag. Brian: And I played mine, I ran and hid. (He looks as Aaron) I’m sorry. Thank you. (As kids. We see the boys as they were as children, Aaron more aware of the family situation. Brian is happy, full of energy. A part of him we only see in this scene and the last.) Aaron: Hey Brian let’s play a game. Brian: A game? I love games. What’s the name of the game? Aaron: Hide. Brian: Hide and seek? I love that game. Aaron: No, no listen Brian. I need you to listen. It’s just called Hide.




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