In this comical coming of age story we meet Jamie. She is the typical middle school girl who wants to have the typical middle school birthday party. After her mom says yes she realizes that the biggest problem is yet to come. With a slew of friends and their opinions on who should be on the invitation list, Jamie confides in her true best friend, her Diary. Diary lets her know that if the party isn't for her happiness then she shouldn't have it. Imagine the joy of Jamie’s mom when she finally comes to the conclusion that maybe a birthday party isn't the way to celebrate her middle school years.

Duo/Duet- Birthday Blues

  • Jamie: Dear Diary, my mom said that I could have a birthday party. Mom: Jamie, you can have a party. Jamie: Right, just like that. So now diary I have to figure out who I am going to invite to my party. Because mom said that I can only have- Mom: Jamie, don’t get crazy with the invitation list. I was thinking five or six of your closest girlfriends. Jamie: MOM! Only inviting “girlfriends” to a birthday party is something that kids do. This birthday is a mild stone of my life. Mom: MILEstone. Jamie: That’s what I said MILDstone. Mom: No, there is no “D” in the word. It is spelled M-I-L-E-stone. Jamie: See diary this is what I deal with when talking to my mom. When you mother is a teacher it’s like I never come home from school she’s always here. Diary: Jamie, you have to get your mom to let you invite more people. Five or six girls are hardly a celebration. Jamie: I know Diary, I know. So I went with the old “But mom it is my thirteenth birthday. You said it yourself that it is a MILEstone and you can’t celebrate one of those with only five or six girls. Mom: Okay Jamie. How many people would you like to invite? (She freezes) Jamie: So this is my big moment. My time to shine. My plea for the day. (Unfreezes mom) Mom I think it only fair that I have at least forty- Mom: Ten- Jamie: Thirty- Mom: Twenty- Jamie: DEAL! Now who should I invite????? Jamie: Dear Diary, today at school I am going to make my list of people to invite for my party. I’m going to take you with me for moral support. Diary: Okay Jamie, I have your back. (Jamie walks down the hall to her locker) Lucas: Hey Jamie I heard that you were having a party for your birthday, can I come? Jamie: How did you hear about that? Lucas: (Whispers) Your Diary and my Journal are BFF’s and she told him. So last night when I was in my bath he told me that she told him that you’re super cool mom said that you could have a birthday bash.




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