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Two African American brothers reflect on the span of their lives as they deal with their personal shortfalls. From using alcohol to fix their problems to accepting the death of their father, these two brothers have to grow together or they will die apart. In the end the commitment and love that they have for each other will be put to the ultimate test. Through all of life's challenges they are always going to be Brothers.

Duo/ Duet- Brothers

  • (The scene opens with Jarred and Levelle. The two brothers are playing dominoes.) Jarred: Come on now Velle, you down by ten and we only got three bones left. You down by ten. Don’t try to do the math either you got it or little brother has finally beat you. Levelle: Beat me? You think you gonna beat me? I taught you everything that you know little brother. (Levelle slams down a domino. Jarred lays down his domino. The process repeats until they are both down to their last domino. Levelle slams down his domino.) Give me fifteen my brotha and that is another win for me!!! (Levelle starts to do a victory dance cheering around Jarred who stares at the table shaking his head and laughing. Levelle makes his way behind Jarred as he continues to dance Jarred talks to the audience.) Jarred: That’s the brother I knew. Levelle was the kind of brother that believed that it was his job to make sure that I could do all the things a man is supposed to do. I have to be able to take care of my family, work a job and hell yes I had to be able to play some bones. (Laughs) Dominoes, singing and dancing is what we did. (Levelle dances back to the front.) Levelle: Come on little brother. You looking a little sad. (Laughs) Wash them bones and let’s hit it again. You keeping score? (as adults) Jarred: (Drunk) Yo, pops I’m home. Velle where you at? Levelle: Are you crazy? It’s 3 o’clock in the morning. And pops is dead, been dead since we was kids. Come on, what are you doing? Jarred: Pops!! Where you at? I want to show you my report card. I got…(takes out a receipt) a six pack and a pack of gum. (laughs loudly) Levelle: You gotta go. Momma ain’t doing good and when you come over here talking crazy and drunk it makes her feel worse and the doctors said the least amount of stress we put on her the better. Leave.




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