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Lacie is a wonderful little girl full of energy and a positive light. But early in her life she experiences the worst kind of broken trust when she is molested by her father. Her child mind could not handle the abuse she was experiencing. To balance the abuse she created a best friend that she could talk to all the time that would always be there for her during those times. Mr. Pickles became her savior, her best friend and the one person in desperate times that she could close her eyes and know he would be there. But as Lacie comes of age she finds that a friend like Mr. Pickles can not to be kept to herself. Mr. Pickles eventually tells her that there are other children that need him like she did. It is a difficult breakup but as an adult she realizes and accepts that she must let her best friend go.

Duo/ Duet- Coming Of Age

  • (Opening, we see Lacie very content and working very hard on her drawing. She sees us, excited, finishes her drawing and addresses the audience) Lacie: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you Mr. Old guy in the back presenting my best friend Mr. Pickles. Pickle: (Waves) Lacie: Come on Mr. Pickles you have to say hi to all of the ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls- Pickle: and Mr. Old guy in the back. Lacie: Right! Pickle: Hello everyone. I am the- Lacie: Great- Pickle: Amazing- Lacie: Spect- Schekta- (thinks for a moment how the word should sound, tries to sound it out) S-p-e-c…Great Pickle: Spectaular Lacie: Mr. Pickles! (She applauds) And the crowd goes wild. Pickle: What will our adventure be today? Lacie: Hmm I don’t know Mr. Pickles maybe we could go to the tree house and play games- Pickles: Or read- Lacie: Or play games! Or fly- Pickle: Or learn math- Lacie: Flying uses math right? And maybe the ladies and gentlemen can play with us. Pickle: Lacie, you know that no one else can see me right? I’m your imaginary friend not their imaginary friend. Lacie: They can see you, can’t you? (Beat) Well…well that’s their loss. Because you’re the best friend a girl could have. Pickle: I know I am Lacie. I know.




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