In the moments before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the scene opens with sisters Adalina and Sofia packing to get to the Dome. As they arrive to see the thousands of people that are there with them they begin to worry that this place isn’t the safe haven they were told it would be. But as younger sister Sofia finds her place as a teacher to the younger kids and starts to get comfortable Adalina’s fear of what the Dome is becoming overcomes her. Adalina wants to keep Sofia safe and Sofia wants to try to keep her mind off of their present reality, which is getting worse by the day. As the hours and days loom on the Dome begins to be overrun by the things that happen in any enclosed city: crime, rape, assault, things breaking, no water and running out of food. When the survival side of people comes out so does the devil. After Sofia is attacked Adalina must do everything in her power to save her sister not realizing that their definition of “save” is quite different. As the story ends the person that Sofia has been forced to become is not the person she wants to be. In a desperate moment she asks Adalina to assist her in taking her own life. Adalina battles loosing her sister again and letting her go so that she can be free again, free in the way she sees fit.

Duo/Duet- Darkness Under The Dome

  • (Adalina works furiously to pack a bag throwing whatever clothes in it she can.) Adalina: (Yelling) Sofia! Sofia we have to go. Sofia: (Out of breath) I’m ready, let’s go. (Adalina looks in Sofia’s bag, disbelief.) Adalina: (Pouring the contents onto the table.) I told you to pack a few things, emergency kinds of things- Sofia: You told me to pack as much as I could so that’s what I did. Adalina: These aren’t essentials. Sofia: They aren’t your essentials. This isn’t you’re bag, this is my bag with my essentials. I’m nineteen stop treating me like a kid. Adalina: No. We’re not taking all this stuff. (She begins throwing her stuff on the ground. Sofia picks it back up and they fight over the bag for a few seconds when in an instant they both hear the blaring sound of the hurricane alarm.) We have to go. Sofia: That’s the second time it’s gone off. How long do we have? Adalina: Now, go now! (Sofia picks up her stuff and throws it back in the bag. They both run out of the room, out of the house and into the street. They look up in the sky, the storm is coming, and the wind is blowing.) Sofia: Oh my God. Adalina: We have to go. The Dome is seven miles away we can make it. Sofia: (The begin to walk, the rain starts, the wind blows harder.) I think we should run. (They both look up as hard rain begins to pour down on them.) Run! (The girls grab hands and run.)




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