Nicholas, an autistic boy has the most amazing imagination. He is a wonderful reader, reading is his greatest talent. Sometimes he wonders why he isn’t like everyone else, why he can’t do what everyone else can do and why he was picked to be so “special.” Luckily he has a wonderful teacher in his life named Evelyn. She doesn’t have any children of her own but she treats all of the students she teaches as if they were her own. Through his favorite book we are able to see the world how Nicholas sees it. The good things and the bad and even the reasons that he sees himself the way that he does. This is a comedic, high energy multi-character piece with a great amount of heart and a warm and necessary message. We are all made to be different, but all to be loved.

Duo/ Duet- Heros Of Adventure

  • (Scene opens, we see Nicholas reading a book. He is a young boy but is reading with fury. The presentation of a genius. He then begins to read aloud and we realize that he is not a genius, something about him is slightly different. He is autistic.) Nicholas: Mr. Pots throws open the door. “Pans! Pans! Are you in here pans? Pans: No Mr. Pots I’m not in here. (Nicholas laughs, turns page) Pots: Hahaha! I got you. Now it is time to pay the price. (They fight with each other and the hitting of the metals makes sound. It can be a beautiful sound or a death defying sound.) Pans: Now is the time Mr. Pots. Time to price the pay! Pots: Price the pay? Pans: Sure. What’s wrong with that? Pots: It doesn’t make sense, you’re so stupid. (The word stupid reminds Nicholas of a moment in his life. He begins to hear the voice of his mother.) Mother: Nick, you’re not normal. You’re so stupid.You’re retarded. That’s why you can’t speak right and you will never be like everyone else. You’re stupid. Nicholas: (Into the book) I’m not stupid. I’m not. I can read and I can talk and I’m special. (Mrs. Evelyn enters. She stands over Nicholas for a moment watching him. She places her hand on his shoulder. Caring.) Evelyn: Good morning Nicholas. What are you reading today? Nicholas: (He shows her the book) Evelyn: Oh The Great Adventures of Pots and Pans,one of your favorites. Nicholas: (He shakes his head) Yes ma’am. Evelyn: (To audience) This is a typical morning. Almost like working at a zoo, with really creative and cute animals. (Laughs) I started working here about eleven years ago. I was a special education teacher but I realized that there were students that needed more intimate attention so I moved here. It is an in house facility for a group of adolescent boys. (Laughs) No I’m not crazy. Boys are better than teenage girls right? (Laughs) But my boys…(Beat) Boys whose parents decided they didn’t want or couldn’t care for them.




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