Joining a fraternity seems to be a right of passage for many young men and women entering into college. But in recent years the act of hazing has cost many young people their lives. Matt and Zach two best friends and roommates decide that they are going to pledge a fraternity. They already considered themselves brothers so to walk through this experience together they thought would be fun. It is not long into the process that these two young men realize that there is no price on brotherhood and that sometimes the best way to build a bond is to hold on tight to the people you already trust and consider to be family. In a performance that plays out like an episode a great courtroom drama we see the experience through the eyes of the boys that lived it. As one testifies the other watches as his friend, his brother, tells the world of the day that he took a stand against a room full of bullies and risked his life to save the one person who always had his back, always made him laugh and never left him alone to fail. That is the true definition of friendship and family. In A Haze presents the challenges of college life and the dangers of hazing while addressing the very real determination that young people have to belong, be accepted and participate in something that makes them relevant and important. By the time Zach leaves the witness stand he can hold his head hi, he told the truth and his best friend Matt, though only there in spirit would be very proud of him.

Duo/Duet- In A Haze

  • Matt: (To audience) All I wanted was to show my dad that he was wrong about me. I was a man, I could be a leader, and I could make something out of myself. Zach: (To audience) My dad told me that, “Any man with the last name Benson would be a Beta man.” Matt/ Zach: (To audience) I didn’t really want to pledge. (Transition, Zach is being sworn in to testify.) Lawyer: Hello Mr. Benson. Zach: (Scared) Hello. Lawyer: Are you going to be able to do this? Zach: Yeah. Lawyer: Okay, if you need to take a break you just let me know. Let’s go back to the beginning. Zach: It was a Saturday night and- Lawyer: I’m sorry, let’s go back farther than that. Zach: Okay, how far back? Lawyer: How long have you known Matt? Zach: (Beat) Matt and I met in middle school. (He smiles a little) Lawyer: Is that a good memory? Zach: Kind of Seth Peters, this big kid who always wore steel toe boots and overalls was in the process of flushing my head in the toilet like he had done for almost two years and I heard this back and forth and I was hoping it was a teacher but when he let my head go and I cleaned my eyes it was Matt. He asked me if I was okay then he punched Seth in the stomach. (Laughs) One punch to the gut and he balled up on the floor like a baby. Matt told me I could flush his head in the toilet if I wanted to. Lawyer: (Smiling) And did you? Zach: Yeah (Beat) for like an hour. (Beat) First day I met him he was my best friend. Lawyer: Thank you for sharing that story. Now let’s fast forward to the first day of college.




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