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A beautiful story of two sisters who are trying their best to make sense of Alzheimer’s Disease and how it is effecting the life of their mother. As the older sister Amber is in the position to make the decisions that she feels is best but she can not leave her little sister Stacy out of the process. Thought Stacy is not ready to accept the reality of the debilitating disease the sisters must work together to prepare for the loss of their mother. Lea, their mother, she is fun and loving and is trying to understand the things that she can remember while not allowing her daughters to feel sorry for her or her situation. This is a beautiful story of daughters and their mother getting ready for the ultimate goodbye.

Duo/ Duet- In Her Memory

  • Amber: I never thought this day would come. Standing in my mother’s house, in her room, going through her things. (Beat) Sorry, let me go back. I’m Amber, my mother Lea has recently passed away and because I am the oldest and I am the most responsible between my sister and I, I was called on to come here and…pick out her funeral dress. She would always tell me- Lea: Amber when I die don’t you dare bury me in some old granny dress. Amber: (Laughs) I won’t momma. I promise. How about the green dress that you wore the day daddy proposed? Lea: Girl, if I can fit that when I die it will be a miracle from the good Lord himself. No, sweetie when I die I want you to come in this room and I want you to look through all of my clothes and pick out something that you believe I will look fabulous in. Amber: (They embrace) Stop it mom. I don’t want to talk about you dying. Lea: You didn’t want to talk about your father dying either and then it happened and none of us were ready. Stacy I just want you to be ready with me. Amber: (Under her breath) Amber. Lea: Amber are you listening to me? Amber: Of course mom. I’m always listening. (Transition) to look through all of my clothes and Lea: (Unison) pick out something that you believe I will look fabulous in. Amber: You’ll be beautiful mom. I promise. Amber: Stacy we really need to talk about mom. Something just isn’t right. Stacy: Oh please Amber. Mom is fine she’s just getting old. Amber: That’s what you said about dad, then he died remember? Stacy: Screw you Amber. I just thought that- Amber: You thought that dad was “getting old” then he died of a heart attach when we knew that something was wrong with him. I’m not going to lose her too. So are you participating in this or not. Stacy: I’m really busy.




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