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A couple whose relationship was created in the world of music finds it difficult to walk away from the life they had for the one they desire. For Cole leaving the music may the worst thing to ever happen in his life but to Natalie, the family will always be of the most importance. Through their love for each other they are able to sing their way through some of their problems but sometimes communication is still lost. Will Cole change his feelings toward the possibility of fatherhood to create a family with his wife or will be step to the microphone and never let it go?

Duo/ Duet- In The Background

  • Cole: Nat? Nat? Come on girl we have got to go. You said you wanted this life so set into the shoes and live the life. Natalie: Sorry I’m late I was looking at places for us to have our wedding. Cole: Wedding? Natalie: Yes Cole, remember about seven months ago? You tried to be thoughtful and make me my momma’s chicken- Cole: - I was thoughtful and with the exception for a few bloody pieces it was a good attempt. Natalie: A few? All of the chicken was still clucking on the plate. Cole: But I tried. Natalie: Yes baby, you did. And I said yes, (Under her breath) but Lord knows it was not the chicken that kept me in this relationship. Natalie: I know Cole, so now that we are engaged it is my job to get the ball rolling on the wedding. (Beat) You do want a wedding right? Cole: I mean, I could take it or leave it but having a wedding will mess up our tour dates. We know we love each other can’t we just hit up a justice of the piece when we get to Jackson, Mississippi? Their courthouse is really nice, then it’s done and we can get back to the music. Natalie: The music? Cole: Come on now babe, the music is what brought us together. Natalie: I fell in love with you in the background, but I’m not that little girl anymore. Cole: Little girl? Little girl. You weren’t a little girl when you came up to me and said, “Mr. Jefferies I’ve written a duet that I think would be great for you and me.” Natalie: Was I right? (Beat) Well? Tell me if I was right Cole. Cole: You were right; I’m just saying that I don’t want a wedding. Natalie: Fine. Cole: Fine.




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