Jay and Nathan are two African American brothers in the fight of their lives. In the midst of a 2017 America where the life of a black man is often a topic of conversation they find themselves left with a choice. On the wake of the morning after a friend has been killed by a police officer as the protestors gather in preparation for a march the two brothers try to communicate with each other as to exactly what the issue is. For Jay, the older brother who has had his share of run ins with the police, did some jail time but got out and after the death of his mother found himself the caregiver of his little brother Nathan who is now in college. Jay tries to make Nathan see that his books are an escape from the world around him, as Nathan pleads with Jay to see that though his presence isn’t active now he will be a great help to the community after school. As the conversation intensifies we see both brothers go on a journey of change and understanding of the other’s position. It makes us realize that sometimes in the midst of a battle for our lives the allies change, alliances shift and the beliefs of the men on the battlefield change as well. As both brothers change, switching places, emotions and their stance on the situation they must fight each other to make a difference. Ending in the all familiar- hands in the air- do they life or die? Run away or stay and march? It is in the split second of life’s most difficult decisions that their lives change, forever.

Duo/Duet- Justice

  • (Jay, an African American young man in his early twenties stands intensely flipping channels. The story is the same on all of the channels.) Reporter 1: Reports are still vague on yet another shooting death of an African American male by the police. (Changes channel) Reporter 2: According to witnesses the black male was unarmed- a vigil is set for the steps of City Hall at 5:00pm followed by a march through downtown. Jay: This is some bullshit. Reporter 3: The mother of the victim Leon Cole says that her son was a football star in high school and was working at the local gas station that he was shot and killed at. We will keep updating you on this breaking story as information comes available. (Jay turns the television off as Nathan enters. Nathan is around the same age. He carries a backpack and is listening to music.) Jay: Nate you believe this? (Nathan does not hear him.) Yo, Nathan dude you see the news? (Nathan still isn’t listening. Jay knocks Nathan’s headphones out of his ears. Nathan is startled.) Nathan: What dude? You couldn’t just call my name? Jay: I have been trying to get your attention since you walked into the house. Nathan: You got it, damn what’s up? Jay: You see Leon got shot and killed? Nathan: What? Leon you played football with? I just saw him at the gas station last week. Jay: I was with him last night. Nathan: (Nathan rolls his eyes and puts his headphones back in.) (Aside) No wonder. Jay: (Pushes him) What you say? Nathan: Don’t touch me Jay. Jay: You get a little book knowledge and you better than the dudes you grew up with? That how it works? Shit I’m glad I didn’t go to college then. Nathan: Whatever dude. Jay: Not whatever. Say it again. Don’t whisper. Don’t put your little punk ass music in your ears, say it again.




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