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One of the most difficult things to do as human beings is to let go. Letting go requires that we allow time to separate our hearts from the person or the event that has been holding on so desperately. For Jessi and Jake they are more than just brother and sister, they are friends. And when one of them dreams they both dreams, when one of them hurts they both hurts. But as Jessi speaks at her baby brother’s funeral we hear the love that she has for him, and letting him go may be the most difficult things she has ever had to do.

Duo/ Duet- Letting Go

  • Jessie: (Clutching the coin in her hand for support. We will later find out what the coin is. The audience knows that something is in her hand but does not know what it is.) I never thought that my idiot little brother would ever be my best friend, but he was. When I was one my parents thought it would be a good idea to have another baby. And lucky me I get a boy. (Laughs) And we all know that to a big sister, boys are yucky and annoying. And even now as an adult men tend to be quite a pain. (Laughs) But Jakie…that was my big sister nickname for him which means that he hated it, but he was my brother. Even though he made me want to scream (Beat) I loved him, and I know that he loves me. Loved me. (Jake appears, head bowed) Jake: Hey sis why is everyone so sad? (She screams in fear) Jessi: Oh my God. Mom, Dad are you seeing this? Jake: Seeing what? And why are you yelling at church? Mom and Dad taught us better than that. Jessi: You’re not here. I’m dreaming. I need to pray more. (Begins to pray) Jake: Should I pray with you? (Begins to mimic her prayer. Jessi stares at him.) Jessi: Jake? Jake: Jessi? (Beat) So why are we here? Jessi: Jake… this is your funeral. You’re dead. Jessi: Did you hear me? You’re dead. Jake: Oh that. I know. Kinda sucks. Jessi: Kinda sucks? KINDA SUCKS? You know??? What do you mean “You know?” Jake: Well that’s why I’m here. Pretty sweet crowd. Aunt Kelly, Uncle James…(Continues to name people in the crowd) Jessi: (She hugs him) Why are you here? Jake: I’m here because you need me. Jessi: I miss you. Jake: You have to let me go Jessi. (Beat) You always told me that the reason you loved me was because you had to. (They laugh) Mom would always hear us when we were in our room playing.




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