When India native brother and sister Advay and Prisha moved with their parents from India to America they were young and excited for a new experience. Their parents wanted them to be able to have and experience all things. Unfortunately, on September 11, 2001 their teenage lives changed forever. After the attacks, now seniors in high school, they began to experience a lot of hate from, they felt everyone. People looked at them differently. Seeing them on the street they crossed to the other side, people were scared of them for no reason other than what they looked like. Prisha handled this better than Advay did. She understood why people felt the way they did while Advay hated people for the way they made them feel. The siblings talked about it a lot. They confided and leaned on each other and they were genuinely best friends. One night they decide to go out for dinner. When Advay goes to the bathroom Prisha is accosted by a man who confronts her at the table then physically attacks her. Advay is too late to help his sister. While trying to recover in the hospital the two siblings must have a difficult conversation on how their lives are and will be for many years to come. Will they be able to move forward together, or will they not be able to continue their ever so strong bond because of elements out of their control?

Life Changes After 9/11

  • (Scene opens with siblings Advay and Prisha both studying intensely. They are seventeen years old and Indian immigrants.)

    Advay: (Intensely writing, he stops to read.) “Lauren, I wanted to know if you would like to… (He is stumped, Prisha is now listening to him.)

    Prisha: Seriously. Read it to me.

    Advay: “Lauren, I wanted to know if you would like to-

    Prisha: To what?

    Advay: I want to ask her out.

    Prisha: (Laughing) Like that?

    Advay: Yeah, I mean-

    Prisha: No. I wouldn’t go out with you and I know you.

    Advay: Shut up like you’ve ever had someone ask you-

    Prisha: Kevin. (She laughs, he stops laughing.)

    Advay: Kevin who?

    Prisha: (Awkward avoidance) I didn’t say Kevin.

    Advay: Kevin, my best friend Kevin. He asked you out?

    Prisha: (trying to leave the room this sequence turns into a short chase.) Never mind.

    Advay: Where are you going? (Blocking the door)

    Prisha: Never mind.

    Advay: He’s my best friend, like another brother to you.

    Prisha: Not when he asked me out, he wasn’t. (She stops just to laugh in his face.)

    Advay: (nose to nose) Did you kiss him?

    Prisha: Little bit. (Freeze, then they both explode in laughter.) If it makes you feel any better, it was terrible- his breath…I’m exhausted. (Out of breath laughing)

    Advay: I’m honestly glad his gross and fermented breath kissed you. (Laughing) You knew that before you kissed him. (They are both laughing that turns into them returning to their work.) No guy will ever be good enough for my sister.

    Prisha: I know Advay, I know.




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