In this magical performance we fall in love with Stanley and Vanessa. Vanessa is Stanley’s assistant in their magic act. The scene opens with Stanley coming into a room and opening a large chest that Vanessa climbs out of. Stanley is a wonderful magician and he often remembers back to the best time of his life, the moments that he spent with Vanessa. Through a series of scenes in present and past time we see how the two of them began their act together and how they became life long friends. Things begin to shift with Vanessa’s husband starts to abuse her. She decides that the best thing for her is to leave, this is the beginning of Stanley and Vanessa’s magic act. Through the years that they work together they always stayed professional until the day that Vanessa died. Now she is an active part of Stanley’s memory. On this day Stanley decides that he must tell Vanessa the magic that she brought to his life. Before she leaves him again he tells her how much he loves her and that she created every magical moment in his life. Unfortunately they only share one dance and one kiss before Vanessa must leave. But before she climbs back into the chess they do the finale of their show, take one last bow and say goodbye. He closes the chess, removes his magic hat and wand and walks away from the love of his life. Again. (Written for African American couple, but can be edited for any race)

Duo/ Duet- Like Magic

  • (Scene opens with Stanley. He is an elderly man his late seventies. He enters a special room. It is a place that is almost magical to him. He surveys the room and focuses in on something in the corner. He makes his way to the corner and pulls out a large chest. He opens it.) Vanessa: Thank God I wasn’t counting on you to save my life. It was getting a little stuffy in there. Stanley: Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been in this room? Vanessa: I told you to come and find me in our special place. I knew when you were ready you would come and look, you did. Stanley: Yeah, yeah I guess you did and I listened. (He helps her out of the chest. She cleans herself off and stands in a presentation position.) Oh you ready for our opening trick? Vanessa: Aren’t I always ready for our opening trick? Stanley: (He clears his throat. Vanessa puts a magician’s coat on his back, a hat on his head and gives him a wand.) Oh yes, yes, I can’t do magic tricks without my magic wand. Vanessa: You can’t do tricks without your magic assistant. Stanley: (He laughs) Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls thank you for joining myself, The Magical Stanley Stunning and my trusty assistant Vanessa in the greatest magic show on earth. (Stanley forgets his next line, Vanessa whispers it to him.) Yes, right, and now for our opening act my assistant will stuff herself into this chest and I will- Vanessa: (Performing) Oh no Stanley Stunning what are you going to do? Stanley: I am going to (Beat) to (Beat, she whispers again) I am going to saw you in half. (Vanessa gasps) (The time is 1976. Stanley is in his mid thirties and friends with Vanessa) Stanley: Nessa I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Grown man living in my momma’s basement. How did you do it? How did you get out? Vanessa: Robert got me out. I wasn’t doing nothing either. I went to school, partied, graduated and started looking at the world like what in the hell am I going to do?




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