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Diego is a young Latino teenager who has recently joined a local gang. He feels like this was the only way that he can get and give love. His girlfriend Camila desperately wants him to leave behind the gang life and focus on the positive things that they could accomplish together. When Camila catches Diego with a gun as he is headed out to make a run for the gang. Camila confronts him with his choices and in the end gives him an ultimatum either give her the gun and stays away from the gang or he continues to be devoted to the gang but without her by his side. The choice is his to make.

Duo/Duet- Love Choices

  • (Scene opens, we see Diego loading a gun, he stops, thinks, continues. Beat. Addresses the audience.) Diego: People always got opinions about what everybody outside of their world should and shouldn’t do. You should go to college. You should stay out of prison. You should be better than your parents were. (Beat) But see sometimes we ain’t all living in that reality. I can barely read, I already been to prison and it wasn’t too bad, and being better than my parents doesn’t mean much- they never did much. Camila: (Knocking) Diego. Diego: (Shuffles to hide gun, he tries to put it in a few different places and decides on a duffle bag under the couch) Ahhh hold on. Camila: Diego, you invited me over to make me wait outside. What are you doing? Diego: Nothing. Nothing. I just need a minute. Camila: You better not have another girl in there. Open the door. (He opens) Diego: See- ain’t no other girl in here, I told you about that. Camila: Yeah you told me about that after I caught a girl hiding in your closet. Is there a girl in your closet? Diego: (He laughs) No crazy girl there is no girl in my closet. Camila: Umm hmm. Under the bed? (They both laugh) Diego: Trust me yet? I told you babe the first time I cheated on you was the only time I’d cheat on you. Camila: I know, it better be. That movie you wanted to see came out today about the gangs and the white cop who’s a rookie or whatever. You always like that violent stuff but it starts at 7:00pm and I bought us tickets. Diego: Tonight? (Beat) I can’t tonight. Camila: What do you mean you can’t? We’ve been planning this all week. What do you have to do? Diego: Nothing. I mean I got this thing that I need to take care of. Camila: What thing? Diego: (Defensive) It ain’t got nothing to do with you. I just got this thing that I need to do so I can’t go to the movie. Take the tickets back and get your money back it’s not that big of a deal babe. Camila: Wow, okay. I’m gonna go. Diego: Why?




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