Selena and Sofia are typical sisters. They love each other and are the best of friends. When Sofia notices changes in her sister, and she is forced to address it with her. But it is when she takes a deep dive into her sister’s issues that she realizes that her sister Selena has been screaming for help. Help with the things that are going on in her life but also the things that have a hold her head. Depression and how it manifests itself is different for every person. For some it is a lack of interest in all things they use to love, while for others it is a gained interest in doing things that would be considered unsafe. Selena’s depression is overtaking her life, ruining her relationship with her parents and making Sofia worry about the toxic way she is living. In the end Selena makes a decision that will forever affect her life, but not before she reminds Sofia that she’s always been her hero.

Message From My Hero

  • (Scene opens with a young Sofia and Selena, two little ten-year-old girls playing with dolls.)


    Selena: Sofia.

    Sofia: Yeah.

    Selena: What’s your dolls name?

    Sofia: Selena.

    Selena: What?

    Sofia: (Laughs) No that’s my dolls name, I named her after you.

    Selena: One me is enough!

    Sofia: You’re the best big sister ever so I wanted another one. (Giving the doll a voice) “I’m like you only smaller. What’s your name?”

    Selena: (Thinking, with her doll) “Ummmm Sofia.”

    Sofia: “Sofia? I like that name.”

    Selena: “I named her after my little sister because she’s my hero.” (The dolls begin to fight as the girls laugh.)

    Sofia: Best sister ever!

    Selena: No, you are. (The girls take their dolls for a flight around the room laughing, loving, free.)


    (Transition to Sofia, now in her late teens. Holding a pill bottle in her hand.)

    Sofia: (To audience. Reading the label) Ser (struggling) Sert…Sert-a… Sertaline. Sertaline. Such a powerful little container of sweet candy. (In a daze. She opens the pill bottle and pours them into her hand, looking at them. Selena enters, she watches Sofia for a moment then laughs.)

    Selena: Jesus you’re staring at them like they are the holy grail of candy. Just put them in your mouth it’s easy. (She takes the pills and pops them in her mouth, drinks, swallow.) Easy. (She’s gone.)

    Sofia: It should have never been that easy.




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