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Jessica is the older of the two sisters. Ayala is fighting the means by which her parents went through to get the girls from Mexico to America. Starting when they are young children passing through their years in the freedom of America the sisters have held on to and supported each other. Jessica is the solid rock and Ayala is the quick-witted baby sister who must deal with the anger that she has towards her mother. Their mother decided to stay behind and send the girls with their father through the desserts of Mexico to cross the border into America. For Ayala the risk wasn't worth the reward, for Jessica she understood that this was the ultimate sacrifice for her children. *The girls frequently speak Spanish. This is not a must, but a performance option.

Duo/ Duet- Mi Hermana Accepta Cambio

  • **All Spanish/ English translations are in bold. Please feel free to add or adjust what is said in Spanish as the performance evolves for the actors. Jessica: When I was seven years old and my little sister Ayala or Yaya was just four our mother sent us with our father to America. Ayala: You say that like mom drove us to the airport and waved us onto a flight going one way first class to America. Jessica: I apologize for my sister. She doesn’t remember what happened or how we got here and I think that is why she is so bitter about the ordeal. (Stop being so rude.) Deja de ser tan grosero. Ayala: (I’m not being rude. You should tell them the truth.) I’m no ser grosero. Deberias decirles la verdad. Jessica: Truth? She insists that I tell you the truth about a situation that she doesn’t even remember. (Transition to ages seven and four) Come on Yaya you have to keep up. Ayala: I am walking as fast as I can. Jessica: Come on (Little sister) hermanita. Keep up. Ayala: I’m tired Jessica. I want some water. Water. Jessica: Stop crying! (We don’t have any water, no water) Nosotros no tenemos ninguna agua. No! (Ayala begins to cry. Jessica keeps walking not realizing she has left her behind. She stops, returns. They hug) I’m sorry (Little sister) hermanita. You have to be strong. For momma. Ayala: For momma. Jessica: (Humming) Yaya, you have to wake up. We have to start walking before the sun comes up. Ayala: Tell me a story. Jessica: Yaya- Ayala: Please, just one. Jessica: There once was a Mexican princess named… Ayala: Ayala. Jessica: (The laugh) That’s right her name was Ayala. And she was the most beautiful princess in all the land.




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