Brother and sister fight, play, love, and hate but in the end they are side by side with each other through it all. And as life's unexpected cards are played they find that the only shoulder that they need to lean on is each other's.

Duo/ Duet- My Brother the Squirrel

  • Jainie: First I would like to thank you all for coming. I know that my brother would be very excited and honored that such a sad time could bring out so many wonderful people. (Laugh) Knowing him if he were here he would say something like - James: “What the hell are all of your guys doing here, this isn’t a funeral it’s a party!” (He whispers in her ear) No appetizers? No buffalo wings? Come on sis you can do better than this. Party time! (Beat) Big brother says no tears. I love you. Jainie: (Smile) Though we are not making this into the party that he thought it would be, and I’m sure he’s not happy with me about that, I’m glad that I didn’t have to go through this time alone, James never wanted me to be alone. (Transition) James: (As kid) 1,2,3,4,5, 10 ready or not here I come. Jainie: Wait! You can’t just skip 6,7,8 and 9 when you’re counting. James: Why not? Jainie: Because you can’t get to 10 from 5 without those numbers. James: Sure you can 5, 10! See I did it again. Girls are so stupid. Jainie: Really James? Girls are stupid? New rule when counting to 10 you have to say all of the numbers to get there. James: See, if you had done that from the beginning we would already be playing. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…10! (She runs, he searches) Jainie where are you? If you tell me where you are it’ll make it easier, then it’ll be your turn to be it and being it is the best. (Sneaks up behind her, finds her) Gotcha! Jainie: (She screams) You scared me. James: I’m sorry Jainie, I’m your big brother and as long as I’m here, you’ll never be alone. Jainie: “Never be alone” (Unison) Jainie: (At hospital) Excuse me Dr. I am looking for James Peterson’s room. Dr: He is in room 331 but I don’t think he is taking any visitors other than family. Jainie: I am his family. (Walks into room) J, hey how are you? James: Never better.




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