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The level of acceptance and tolerance that it takes to befriend a child with disabilities is immeasurable. When the relationship is between a brother and sister it makes the bond that much stronger.

Duo/ Duet- My Sister's Special

  • Jake: This is my little sister Lauren. Lauren: (Wave) Jake: She’s always into something. Lauren: (Throws something on the floor) Jake: Then I end up cleaning it up, but I love her. Lauren: (She mimes, “I love you”) Jake: Lauren doesn’t speak. She’s what they call a mute. (Beat) She hasn’t spoken in years. Sometimes I wonder…if she could speak now, if I could hear her, what would she say? What does she see every day in her world that I will never know about? (Beat, she looks at her and she makes a sad face.) More than anything else I would ask her why? What could have happened that would take such an energetic kid and take them into…silence. Lauren: Hi. My name is Lauren. That’s my big brother Jake. When I was born the chord that feeds me was wrapped around my neck and it pulled…and pulled…until I…died. Jake: She died Lauren: (Simultaneous) two minutes Jake: (Simultaneous) two minutes Doctor: Mrs. Harrison I’m sorry to tell you but your baby girl had the umbilical chord wrapped around her neck when we pulled her out. With a loss of oxygen to her brain she may suffer from a number of brain generated defects: retardation, slowed growth and development, loss of vision, or she may be behind children her age in everything from her first words to her first steps.




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