Wesley and his son Jason have a wonderful bond. As they work to move forward after the tragic loss of their mother and wife Lisa the two create a relationship that helps both of them to figure out a way to keep going. As Wesley drops twelve-year-old Jason off at his bus stop he tells his son that he loves him, but unfortunately when he returns to pick him up Jason is nowhere to be found. After a quick search Wesley locates Jason at the bottom of a ravine after being hit by a car. He rushes his son to the hospital where he becomes brain dead but the doctor asks him if he wants to donate Jason’s remaining organs. Wesley doesn’t hesitate. A few years later as Wesley sits in the house still in mourning of the loss of his family his son comes to visit him. Jason tells him that he and Lisa are fine and that he has to figure out a way to move forward. A knock at door forces Wesley to open it and stands a young man Max. Wesley finds out that he was the recipient of his son Jason’s heart. Max offers Wesley a chance to hear his son’s heart beat again and in an instant Wesley is transformed. As the scene ends Wesley begins to pack up all of the things that he needs to move forward from, leaving hope that this father who has been standing in the same place since the death of his son can finally move forward.

Duo/Duet- Patience

  • (Wesley, a young father rushing to get ready for work is looking for something intensely. He yells off to his son Jason, age twelve.) Wesley: Jason! Have you seen my jacket I laid it out last night but can’t- (Jason enters modeling the jacket, his father’s glasses and toting his briefcase. Wesley wants to be mad but has to laugh.) Jason: (mocking his father) “Jason! Jason where is my jacket? You better not make me late for work. No lunch money for you young man.” (They both burst into laughter.) Wesley: The older you get the more you become just like your mother. Always the joker and always (looks at his watch) crap making me late for work! (He strips Jason of all of his stuff and continues to get ready.) Come on Jason we have to go. Jason: (Jason watches his father.) Dad. Wesley: What’s up? Jason: Tell me about mom. (Wesley immediately stops in his tracks.) Not the stuff I know. Tell me something about her that you’ve never told me, something that made her special to you. (Wesley thinks for a moment then laughs) What? What’s so funny? Wesley: You know how I always tell you that you get your lateness from your mother? Jason: (mocking) “You and your mother both live in a different time zone than the one you actually live in.” (Jason smiles) Wesley: Exactly. She wasn’t always like that. (beat) On our first date we went to this Italian restaurant for happy hour. Jason: Happy hour? Wesley: That’s when the drinks and food are cheaper which is what I needed being in college and trying to impress her. Jason: Happy hour, I’ll remember that. (He smiles) Wesley: I was there on time, seated at a pretty solid table and after thirty minutes I thought for sure that she had stood me up. But as I walked out of the restaurant there she was, sitting on a bench outside. (smile) Jason: What? Why didn’t she come inside? Wesley: She said she wanted to see if I would wait for her. Jason: I don’t get it.




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