Jason and Jaron are two typical brothers. They have a very special relationship with their father who is also the pastor at Jamison Southern Baptist Church. A church that is filled with life, and a comical portrayal of the life that exists within this place. A lively church where the boys reflect on the characters that they have grown to call family: the elderly women on the first row, the animated choir director, the soulful choir, the gossipers, the Sunday school children and their father at the head. The boys wonder just what their place is in this church. Their father wants one of them to follow in his footsteps but neither believe that they will ever get “the call” to serve as pastor. This is the story of two brothers and the wonderful people that make up the place that they know as home, and they soon realize that they are already in their place and that call might just be on the horizon. 

Duo/ Duet- Praise and Worship

  • Pastor (voiceover): Dear Heavenly Father today is Sunday Father God and we are here to say… Jason: (With his eyes closed as if in prayer) …thank you Jesus! Jaron: Thank you Lord! (They laugh) You know Daddy would kill us if he heard us. Jason: I know but that’s why we hide when we do it. Jaron: You ready for your big speech? Jason: I think I know what I’m going to say. I’m a little nervous, I’ve never stood in the pulpit before, not to speak at least. Jaron: Only time we’ve stood up there was when we are acting like him. Jason: I think he would be excited that his sons pay so much attention, proud of our ability to imitate him. (He bows his head channeling his father) Today is Sunday Father God and we are here to say thank you- Jaron: -here to say we love you- Jason: - here to say hallelujah Father God. Jaron: Did you hear me? Jason: Did you hear me? Jaron: I said- Jason: We said- this is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Jaron: Rejoice! Jaron/ Jason: HALLELUJAH! Jason: (Jason begins to hum) Amen. Jaron: (Humming) Amen. Jason/ Jaron: Amen. (They both bow and laugh)




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